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My Services

My role as a counsellor  is to come alongside someone suffering or longing, to help them move toward a path to recovery, and equipped individuals to face new challenges in the future. While using my skills and training, I work with the individual in identifying  the problem, and exploring his/her thoughts, feelings and  behaviors. Working together is crucial in order to build a solid relationship and assure a trustworthy therapeutic process.  To establish this relationship, I provide a safe and supportive environment and expect the individual to share any concerns he/she may have about the counselling process.

I believe that well-being involves our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual facets of all  human experience. That is why I approach counselling with a holistic perspective that considers all of these facets.

Making a decision to seek help can sometimes be hard, but it is an important first step toward well-being. I am here to help, and to  take a closer look at what may be the cause of your problems. I will be guiding you, each step of the way, and one step at the time. All my services are offered in French and English.